OET llc is a JV from Cybermarine and MDO inc to serve our group's North American clients from the shipping, Oil & Gas domain. Cybermarine is a marine design and technology leader with presence in various hubs catering to Marine, Oil & Gas players.  MDO inc is a Marine design & engineering organisation serving a large clientele in the North American region for blue water operators. Our group through its offices in Singapore, Houston and India has been providing Ship & Offshore Structure Design Services and is committed to help the maritime industry meet its growth challenges year after year. Our focus on technology and continuous development of trained engineers enabled us to carve out a niche in the highly demanding marine and offshore design arena. Our Group operates with a varied portfolio of services and products catering to different segments of marine and Oil & Gas industry. Our operations are spread across the industries with an aim to efficiently cater to the specific requirements of a particular segment.

Service Segments

When we say “We are a one stop engineering solutions provider for Marine and offshore sectors”, we mean it. Our group continuously updates and spread its range and reach a wide array of requirements for the Marine and Oil & Gas industry. We cater to a large segment of industry participants with year on year addition of new segments and service portfolio in this industry.

Oil & Gas

  • Jack up rig, semi submersibles and drill ship owners
  • Up stream oil production companies
  • Offshore support vessel owners, offshore drilling contractors
  • Offshore construction companies
  • Project cargo transporters and warranty surveyors.

  • Marine and Shipping Industry

  • Ship owners
  • Ship managers
  • Shipyards

  • Technical Capabilities

  • Finite element analysis & hydrodynamics.
  • Intact & damage stability analysis
  • Global strength analysis of ships and offshore structures.
  • Space layouts and general arrangement
  • Classification rules based design.
  • SOLAS/IMO/MODU applications
  • Marine engineering and integration of systems for operations.

  • Design Tools

    We are using various design tools ranging from structural analysis softwares Naval Architecture and hydrodynamics tools. Our array of in house developed softwares along with other commercially available design tools enables us to cater to a wide range of offshore engineering & Ship Design areas.


    SACS - (Structural Analysis Computer System)

    SACS is a finite element structural analysis suite of programs for the offshore engineering industry.

    A comprehensive structural and hydrodynamic analysis software from DNV for floating structures, typically semi-submersibles, spar buoys, tension leg platforms, barges, floating terminals and offloading buoys.

    An onboard Ship Load Indicating Program used to analyze various Intact and Damage Stability conditions for basic hull design and sub-division calculations.

    GT Strudll
    A structural analysis software, using finite element method to analyze trusses, beams, plate panels etc.

    A software system for the design and evaluation of all types of ships and floating structures. It addresses flotation, trim, stability and strength by calculating the forces involved using mathematical / geometrical models of the vessels.


    ALGOR FEA – (Finite Element Analysis)

    AnFEA program with wide range of simulation capabilities including static stress and Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) with linear and nonlinear material models.


    Nastran FEA

    Nastran FEA is a general purpose finite element analysis software that leads in linear and nonlinear stress, heat transfer, thermal and modal analysis of structures and mechanical components.


    Optimoor – Ship Mooring Program

    Optimoor is a mooring analysis computer program based on the OCIMF recommendations, used to check the feasibility of mooring in various circumstances, to plan mooring arrangements in advance, and to aid in actually managing the mooring.