Marine Software Products & Services

Our team can assess the software requirement of a particular fleet size considering their office locations and Maintenance management practices so as to customize the application and its implementation across their IT infrastructure. 


We develop various technical software applications for the Marine Industry. These softwares have been developed with considerable domain expertise in Ship Design and Engineering. Our software products have more than 450 installations worldwide with approval from all major Classification Societies.

    Ships and Rigs Intact and Damage stability computation software for onboard installation.

    Hull and Piping information management system for survey data Storing, tracking and intelligent drawings Manager.


Cybermaster : Ships and Rigs Intact / Damage stability and Load computation software.

CyberMaster is an onboard ship load and stability indicating software which works on Windows Operating System. Approvals from all leading classification societies make CyberMaster a standard application with familiar user end graphics and ensure high level accuracy in all outputs.  This software is interface ready with various sensing devices and can be delivered as a package along with tank level gauging and Valve Remote control systems using various Communication protocols.

Salient Features

  • User-friendly graphical user interface and worldwide accepted.
  • Accurate calculations using actual Hydrostatics & KN Curves at various trims.
  • Online sounding mode compatible with various major instruments.
  • Various report presentation showing Intact Stability & Strength reports, and also re-port to view database like Hydrostatics & KN, Sounding tables, SF/BM Allowables etc.
  • Graphical presentations of Tank Plan.
  • Inbuilt contextual User-friendly Help Manual & Tips for better & efficient learning and Online Help & support.
  • Capability to view multiple loading conditions at same time.
  • Type approved by various classification societies like- LRD, DNV & IRS and has Specific approvals from NKK, BV, LRS, DNV, ABS, RINA, GL & others.

    Main Functions

    Preparation of Loading Conditions
  • Can create & store new conditions
  • Retrieve and Edit stored conditions
  • Tank / Hold filling by Weight, Volume, Percentage and Sounding /Ullage depths.
  • Provision for correction in sounding due to Trim and Heel
  • User defined parameters for:
  • VCG Maximum or VCG from sounding table
  • FSM Maximum or From sounding tables or user defined FSM
  • Units choice – British units/SI units, API units
  • Easy exchange of data by sending and receiving conditions Computation of Drafts & Intact Stability.
  • Draft, Trim, Heel GoMt, FSM & KG computations.
  • Displacement & Dead weight calculations
  • User-defined constraints of Draft, Trim checks
  • Special Constraints such as Minimum Ballast Draft, Propeller Immersion
  • IMO Intact Stability as per IMO A-749 and compliance comparison
  • IMO Wind Heeling Moment calculations as per IMO A-562
  • IMO Rolling Period calculations as per Imo A-749 Computations of Longitudinal Strength
  • SF/BM calculation at the prescribed frame
  • Comparison with the allowable values
  • Shear Force correction at bulkheads
  • Graphical display of the calculation results
  • Weight correction by Specific gravity, Stowage Factor
  • Damage Stability Module
  • Graphical viewing of a damaged equilibrium condition
  • Capability to handle a damage based on a statutory requirements as well as a specific user defined damage
  • Outflow calculation due to damage
  • MARPOL, IGC, IBC, SOLAS criteria incorporated
  • Damage stability equilibrium with grounding



    Marine Software

    Cyberhull : Hull and Piping information management system for survey data Storing, tracking and intelligent drawings Manager.

    CyberHull is the modern way to manage vessel’s Hull, Piping and Machinery Maintenance related information. It is a complete environment containing intelligent drawings of hull & piping in which one can continuously store and access information related to thickness gauging, defect list, repair plan, paint for any region and system. It is a tool for the superintendent to digitally manage his various functions related to hull and piping.

    Survey Data Processing And Action Taking:

  • No requirement for waiting field survey data from thickness gaugers or ship surveyors.
  • Generation of gauging report in Class format or ship owner’s format as soon as the data upload is over.
  • Automatic Weight estimation , steel renewal report and output to Excel/PDF files.
  • Searching and Analyzing historic data.
  • We have designed this product as a fully managed service in which, we will manage the basic data generation of hull and piping, data warehousing, survey data acquisition and updating as an end to service with very flexible ownership rates.

  • Digitized Drawing:

  • Hull drawings with intelligent data regarding to strakes and stiffeners with frame reference.
  • Plate thickness, area & Stiffener sizes for reference.
  • Piping isometrics with data related to pipe length, wall thickness, flanges, valves and their properties.

    Surveying And Data Management

  • Easy access to drawings in digitized format anywhere in the world.
  • Survey data uploading from remote field using hand held or laptops.
  • Instant access to surveyed data as soon as data upload from remote field.
  • Picture uploads with hyper link to digitized data for one to one correspondence.
  • Quick feedback from office to field due to instant access of survey data.