Project Gallery

Aban Ice [Drill Ship]

The drill ship ABAN ICE underwent the replacement of its power generation equipments with new set of prime movers and gensets. This replacement is to upgrade the power generation to suit VFD requirements and also to enhance the general onboard power generation for drilling activities. This was achieved by removing the existing 05 nos. diesel engine generator sets and replacing with 04 nos. diesel engine driven generator sets. These power generators are equipped with control and management stations situated at the new SCR location.

  • Key Features

    • Upgradation to SCR System
    • New power generation equipments
    • New Hi-pressure mud system
    • Revamp of fire-fighting system
    • Detailed engineering for shipyard


Halani-1 [DSV]

This Project involved the Design and Engineering of converting a Ro-Ro vessel to a DP-3 Diving Support Vessel. The vessel underwent modifications in a Chinese Shipyard. we provided onsite engineering support to the yard for erection and installation

Key Features

• An aesthetic superstructure able to accommodate 250 persons.
• Helideck complying CAP437.
• DP 3 capabilities, with Damage stability compliance and Fire protection compliance
• All SOLAS, SPS requirements compliance.
• Enhanced to Fi-Fi 2 Capability
• Dynamic Positioning category 3
• Addition of Thrusters
• Major accommodation upgrade
• Addition of sponsons to hull



Seamec Princess [DSV]

A Cable laying vessel redesigned to a sophisticated Diving Support Vessel. The vessel after undergoing modifications has been successfully operating in various parts of the globe for oil majors.

Key Features

• Novel Design adopted with diving equipment mounted at a lower deck and upper deck completely available for working.
• Upper deck redesigned to enhance 2 the deck strength from 1.0 t/m2 to 10.0 t/m2 only by addition of Longitudinal girders.
• A double walled moonpool for SAT diving designed
• Helideck Installation & support structure designed and also to comply CAP437.
• FI-FI 2 system designed
• Redesign carried out to the Stringent requirements of DNV.
• All SOLAS, SPS requirements complied.
• Increase in accommodation from 65 to 130
• Introduction of moonpool with diving arrangement.
• DP system was enhanced to DP-2 capability.
• Helideck Design & Engineering



Seafox-6 [Ex. Banjaku]

Seafox 6 was upgraded to a higher environmental condition required for the vessel to be deployed for a new project. Major Hull modifications were carried out to satisfy the jacked-up conditions apart from increasing the leg length. The vessel underwent various other structural modifications to upgrade itself to higher operational requirements. we carried out the required engineering and detailing scope which included global structural analysis and specific local structural analysis using high end finite element modeling tools.

Key Features

• Complete refurbishment of Jackup
• All technical documentation
• Increase in leg length, Higher Operating environment
• New raw water tower, mooring arrangement
• Global analysis, Engineering calculation as per ABS MODU


Deep Water Frontier [ROV Installation]

The Vessel ‘Deep Water Frontier, which is a high end drillship owned by ‘Transocean Inc.', required to have a new remotely operated vehicle system installed on it’s main deck. We were entrusted with the task of identifying a suitable location for the ROV installation and to make a engineering study for the deck modification and assistance for actual implementation. The region demarcated for the installation had some pipe-lines passing underneath and also had some constraints with respect to adding members for strengthening. The entire engineering calculations and drawings were approved by ABS.

Key Features

• Engineering proposal for ROV installation
• Static and dynamic analysis of deck strengthening and ROV foundation
• Technical liaison with fabricators and owners
• Detailed engineering for installation


HIT DRILL-1 [Reinforcement of Leg Well]

The rig Hit Drill – 1 was found to have weakened leg well plating.  We successfully implemented a solution for replacing the leg well plating in the Jacked up condition

Key Features

• Complete 3D Modeling & Global Analysis using Hi-tech FEM tools
• Local Analysis of Leg well Plating
• Increased the strength of corroded Leg Well platting by Reinforcement



Tahara [Raw Water Tower]

The Floating Production Unit (FPU) Tahara, was experiencing problem in pumping seawater for onboard use through the pumps located in the Caissons. To overcome this problem we were asked to design a parallel system to pump water when the waterline goes below a certain draft. The solution provided is to be a fixed structure, which will house the pump suctions and also the pumps. It is designed for the survival condition and as a Truss Structure.

Key Features

• Checking the options for fixing Raw Water Tower
• Finalising the Raw Water Tower location
• Tower Structure combinations and options
• Structural Analysis
• Installation, Planning and Engineering


Gerimal [DSV]

A simple Offshore Supply Vessel converted to a DP II compliant Diving Support Vessel. The vessel after undergoing modifications has been successfully operating in various parts of the globe.

Key Features

• Innovative Design adopted which provides an upper deck completely available for working. Upper deck designed as a strength deck but not as a Freeboard deck thereby saving considerable space on upper deck.
• Sponsons designed for enhancement of stability, space and deadweight.
• The design incorporates Moonpool for SAT diving
• DP2 capabilities designed & added by fitment of tunnel thrusters and HIPAP, Tautwire etc.
• Designed for SPS compliance


Deep Driller 1

The rig required to be fitted with additional platforms and
structures to suit its Operators requirement. BOP platform is a unique design, which can be assembled and removed at location, which holds on to BOP itself. Conductor tensioner platform is shiftable platform for servicing conductor pipes. Resistor gantry with platform designed to handle the resistor during maintenance. Number and location of Capstan and fairleads optimized to control of rig pull from all direction.

Key Features

• BOP Platform
• Kingpost support structure for Burner boom
• Conductor tensioner platform
• Resistor Handling gantry
• Mooring System revamp


M T Gold Star

Conversion to Double Skin Tanker and
modification from Oil Tanker to a Chemical Type - II Tanker. Wing tanks and Double bottom tanks were added to make new ballast tanks. Equipments like Hose crane, Cargo pumps and Stripping arrangement were added. Enhancement of tank cleaning capacity and Cargo heating system was part of the engineering.

Key Features

• Inner Side Shell and Double Bottom added
• Longitudinal Strength and Structural Engineering
• MARPOL/SOLAS compliances
• Adding new Alternators and Prime Movers
• Detailed engineering for Shipyard




Passenger Ferry

This project involved the design of a Passenger
vessel to be used as a restaurant vessel with cruising capabilities. The vessel is designed to comply the SOLAS stringent regulations related to a Passenger vessel operating in short International routes. The vessel is under construction in India.

Key Features

• SOLAS regulations on Subdivision and stability
• SOLAS regulations on Fire Protection
• SOLAS regulations on Fire Safety and escape routes Key Features
• Passenger Ferry designed for the first time in South Asia
• Basic design and Detailed design of Hull Systems
• SOLAS compliances / Ergonomics
• Technical liaison with equipment
• vendors and project management
• Detailed engineering for Shipyard


Sea Champion

“Sea Champion” the accommodation barge designed to operate in offshore locations with following capabilities:
• Classed with ABS.
• Design of Helideck to meet CAP 437 requirements (specific).
• 8 Point Mooring System Arrangement.
• Deck area 1500 sq m and strength 15 t/sq m.
• 3 x 1000 kva gensets + 300 kva emergency power.
• FW generation, FO transfer pumps, FW transfer pumps etc.

Key Features

• Compliance with SPS Code and MODU Code and ABS Rules for Accommodation Barges and Hotel Barges 1989.
• 250 person accommodation with recreational/ physical fitness / hospital facilities.
• Installation of 350 T crane.
• Helideck Addition
• 8 Point Mooring System
• Strengthening of Deck


Sagar Vijay [Drill Ship- Burner Boom & king Post]

The existing King Post for New 60’ Burner Boom was found to be inadequate due to excessive corrosion and insufficient strength. So, for installation of Boom, New Kingposts is designed (for Stbd. and Port). Burner Boom & King Post is analyzed for new Environment condition. Deck structure is analyzed for Loads imposed by Burner Boom & King Post.


Key Features

• Kingpost is designed as Truss structure considering crowded deck with a Platform at the top of Structure and an access ladder.

• A platform is provided for access to rigging accessories and for locking & unlocking Burner Boom.

• Involved the design of stacking arrangement of Boom on King post during Transit condition.

• The Burner Boom and Kingposts are analyzed for severe Environmental condition of Vertical acceleration of ‘1g’ and lateral acceleration of ‘0.5g’ and wind speed of 97 knots.